Support Nusuki to Fight Against Breast Cancer Worldwide!

The human being is fighting against several types of cancer for decades. Breast cancer is something that is spreading its claw day by day. Not only women but men also have this deadly cancer. Nusuki always has worked for the social cause, and this time it is no different too. In this October, as known as the month of International Breast Cancer Month, Nusuki is taking a step forward to support the person with breast cancer.

How much acute is breast cancer?

Though it creates problems mostly in women's bodies, both male and females suffer from breast cancer. Of them, women get affected the most from this disease. According to the World Health Organization, around 2.1 million women get infected by breast cancer in a year worldwide. Besides, it is one of the main reasons for cancer-death right now. In 2018, around 627,000 women had to die due to this cancer. According to, around 48,100 breast cancer cases were diagnosed in 2019, and about 41,760 females and 500 males were most likely to die for this. This is one of the most crucial types of cancer.

Is there any way to stop breast cancer from spreading?

There is no one definite way to stop it. It is inevitable. But taking a close look, examining breasts from time to time, can be considered the most comfortable and effective strategy to prevent breast cancer. If detected in early-stage, breast cancer can cause fatal harm, and the sufferer can survive. The more time cancer will get, the worse the situation will be.

Types of breast cancer:

There are different types of breast cancer. They are different on the basis of working patterns and gender etc. The eight types of breast cancers are:

- Male breast cancer

- Angiosarcoma

- Lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS)

- Inflammatory breast cancer

- Invasive lobular carcinoma

- Recurrent breast cancer

- Paget's disease of the breast

- Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)

How to detect breast cancer?

There are certain symptoms that may will be aware of breast cancer. These symptoms are:

1. Thickening breast lump in the breast tissues.

2. Sudden change of breast size and shape

3. Color change of breast's skin. It may turn into a red or orange color.

4. Inverted nipple

5. Breast's skin scaling, peeling, crusting in certain places, like- nipple

6. Changes in breast skin

Should I call the doctor?

If you feel any symptoms from the above and your breast size, skin, or pattern seems changed, try to reach a good doctor and have an examination.

What can cause breast cancer?

Before knowing the reason for breast cancer, you should know what the way of its birth and growth is. According to the doctor, breast cancer happens due to abnormal breast cells. Normally, there is a certain speed of our body cells to divide and give birth to the new cells. But when breast cancer occurs, breast cells doesn't work like the other normal body cells. They divide and rebirth themselves rapidly. This whole process creates a body lump. These cells can spread to the other body parts too. The most probable place of a breast cancer cell is invasive ductal carcinoma or milk-producing ducts. It can also get generated from lobules or the other cells of the breast. There is the various reason that can be liable for breast cancer. It can be the environment; it can be a hormone; it can be an individual's lifestyle etc. But then again, breast cancer can be generated from the genetic. According to the doctors, around 5-10% of breast cancers get their way from the gene. It comes to people from their families. Among all the inherited genes, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer is very likely to get.

Risk Factors of Breast Cancer:

There is a certain risk factor that creates more influence while it comes to breast cancer. They are: 

1. Breast cancer in family history

2. Being women

3. Exposure to the radiation

4. Increasing age

5. Personal history of previous breast cancer

6. Inherited gene that contains breast cancer cell

7. Obesity

8. Unhealthy lifestyle, like- drinking alcohol

9. Non-pregnancy

10. Having menopause or child at an older age

11. Starting period at younger age etc.

How to prevent it?

To prevent breast cancer and getting least affected by it: 

1. Do regular screening

2. Learn about the regular shape of the breast to know the difference

3. Exercise regularly and ensure healthy weight

4. Maintain a healthy life and don't drink alcohol

5. Maintain a healthy diet

6. Avoid radiation and limit hormone therapy

Has your doctor already found some negative points that can lead you to breast cancer? Family history, health condition, and lots of reason can make your doctor think that you are prone to breast cancer. In this case, besides prevention, there are some things that you may need to maintain. To reduce the risk, there are two preventive measures that you can take: 

1. Medication

There are some medicines that work as preventive measures to breast cancer. These medicines are mostly known as estrogen-blocking medication. These medications can't remove the risk. But it can reduce it.

2. Surgery

For a permanent and better solution, you can remove your breast. However, doctors prefer to choose this option in case of high risk.

Nusuki in the fight against Breast Cancer

As a responsible brand, Nusuki has joined the battle against breast cancer. Nor only mentally, this year Nusuki is contributing a portion of all the sales to fight the breast cancer. With this generous initiative, the brand is willing to go further financially while actively supporting the people suffering from breast cancer.

So, do you have the probability of suffering from breast cancer? Do you have anyone in your family who has it? To be on the safe side and reduce the risk of having breast cancer, call the doctor, and do check-up within a regular intervention. No, you can't get away from the risk of breast cancer totally. But with all these measures, you will be able to take the required steps and be healthy.

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