Nusuki Prayer Set

Among all other tasks praying to the Almighty takes an important place in our daily life. Prayer not only makes us strong as a human but also helps to face all the odds and be calm in this earthly world. As a Muslim, daily five times prayer is considered the must-doing job. And as our creator instructed us to pursue every task of our life and consider them as prayer, we must serve our responsibilities.

Praying is one of the most effective ways to get closer to Allah. Besides, reciting Quran Sharif and carrying the name and essence of the Almighty is also considered one of the best ways. And prayer set from Nusuki is something that will help you to feel your closeness to the creator.

Why is a prayer set important?

In your daily life, you may be continuing your prayer to Allah. But, are you satisfied while praying? Even if you are, what about your family? Are you kids interested in doing their prayer every day?

Prayer set is something that comes with various options to offer. Even if performing salat is very important, you can't expect your little kids to understand that. Here what will help you to make them attentive and interested in is a colorful prayer mat.

Maybe you do recite the Quran every day. But do you cover it adequately. You should take care of this valuable piece. A Quran cover can easily make the process easier for you.

While going out, you may sometimes face a problem inprayer time. Carrying a prayer mat becomes a must thing during this time. Instead of taking the prayer mat in an all the shape-based handbag uncomfortably, what if you could take a prayer mat bag that covers Islam and art perfectly?

While buying all these things separately can cost you more, a prayer set that combines them will quickly make it affordable to you. This is why prayer set is that much important.

What is the prayer sets that Nusuki offers?

Starting from kid to older people, Nusuki offers every type of prayer set with different variations. It ensures different kinds of color selection that meet everyone's satisfaction. With the best effort, it provides a comfortable fabric for people of all ages. And that's what makes the prayer time more enjoyable. There are some very unique collection of prayer sets in the Nusuki store that are given below:

Zahrat Kashmir

Zaharat Kashmir portraits Islamic designs on the surface of Kashmiri fabric. It directly comes from Kashmir. Besides the prayer mat, you will get both a prayer mat bag and Quran cover in this set. In all these things, you will enjoy excellent color diversification and needlework.

I love to pray set for Girls

Your kid may not be that much devoted to the prayer now, but what if she gets a colorful and attractive piece of prayer dress with a prayer mat and prayer mat bag? These three pieces will not only encourage them to teach and perform the prayer but also help them to be attentive.

I love to pray set for Boys

In this prayer set, you will get everything you would get in the girls' prayer set. The only difference between them is the color. The prayer set for a girl is red. On the other hand, the prayer set for boys comes in blue.

Why should I buy a prayer set from Nusuki?

The prayer set can be decorated in many ways. Nusuki not only emphasize on the necessity of the user, but it also tries best to make every portion of the prayer set amazing. So, not only can you buy prayer set from Nusuki only for yourself. You can buy them to present other people.

With the fantastic fabric and diverse color option, Nusuki prayer sets contain an attractive package that will make everyone happy. So, are you going back to your home and trying to buy something for your kids? Nothing can be much extraordinary for them like the prayer mat, Quran cover, and prayer mat bag. And in Nusuki, you will get all of them at a time.

How much happier your kid will be with a fantastic kids' prayer set? Not only your kid, every person whom you would present a prayer set from Nusuki, they all will love it. Whether it is the namaz prayer set or adult prayer set, your loved ones will love to have this Kashmiri prayer set. So, among all these prayer sets, which one will you buy for you and your family?

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