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Whether it is a folding umbrella or a travel tote- gift always remains valuable to the receivers. Especially if the present comes from any holy place and is something like- Quran Karim, the value becomes uncountable.

While you are away from your home, bringing a present for your dear ones can be very thoughtful. And we know you! You want the best quality present for your friends and family as the other good people. No worries! Here we are to help you.

Believe us, your gift from Nusuki always will make a place in the receiver's heart and home. So, are you ready to find some great souvenirs for the close ones? Let's take a look at the article then.


What is a souvenir, and why should you buy it?

Souvenir is a French word that means memory or remembrance. According to the name, a souvenir is a memento or a keepsake that reminds us of a place, person, or event. We have commonly known this by some gift which is given by a relative or a friend who just visited from another country or a holiday place.

Souvenir is not a must-buy thing for a tourist. But it is good to buy an item like this. You can use it as a showpiece at your home, which will keep reminding you about the experience you had during the whole holiday. Besides, displaying such a thing is a great conversation starter with visitors. Also, you can give a souvenir as a gift to your relatives and friends. This undoubtedly increases bonding between you and your friends and relatives.


The history of souvenir

The history of souvenirs is much older than you think. It all began around 2200 BC. Harkhuf the prince of ancient Egypt visited Sudan and brought many showy things like ivory, leopard skin to his country. At this time, Romans and ancient Greeks also started manufacturing many mementos like miniature silver monuments and others.

After a long time, mass people started pilgriming for pleasure. So, after visiting each country, they began to bring some kind of memento to prove to other people that they made it. Because of that time, pilgriming was too hard because of less capable vehicles and roads. Also, many of them even died before they drove to other countries. So, a memento from another country was like a trophy at that time.

1893 was the year when the World's Columbian Exposition happened, and because of that, more than 28 million people visited Chicago over the six months. That time spoon was the most bought souvenir. Although this is controversial, still those spoons remain in the gift shop and sell as a souvenir.

The postcard was one of the most used souvenirs during the time of 19 century. History says in 1904, the people of Sweden sent no less than 48 million postcards, although their population was only 5 million.


Types of souvenirs that you can buy for your loved ones

Nusuki provides different kinds of presents to offer your loved ones. Among them the most popular ones are-

Refrigerator Magnets, which will perfectly suit the fridge of your home.

Photo keychain that will remind your family about you while you are away.

Bookmark that will help people to remember their way while reading the book.

Cup coasters, which perfect places to put cups and mugs.

Tote handbags and Purse/ Pouch bags that will help your close peoples to travel easily.

Wooden clock, Woodwork stand, and Metal plant stand that will enhance the house's beauty.

Wooden Quran box and Prayer beads box to keep the most valuable book of the world safe.

Besides, you will get Yasin Sharif, Sutra, and Holy Quran too in Nusuki's collection.


Why should you choose Nusuki as the best site for souvenirs?

Nusuki helps to find the exact thing that you desire. In the other gift shops, you may find the same product. But they won't make your close ones feel so special.

Giving presents, buying a souvenir for someone is not only a chore to do. It is not a responsibility. It is a way to express love. While coming back from someplace, souvenirs will help you to revive the memory for the rest of your life too. But with the less quality product, you won't get satisfaction ever.

Nusuki knows that and tries to work to make its user happy. Starting from the sun umbrella, metal display stands, UV umbrella, cute keychains, windproof umbrella, fridge magnet, tote, umbrella, photo magnets, metal stand, best umbrella, Quran box- you will enjoy everything from Nusuki.

And the outer look of all our product, it will amaze the receivers from the very starting. Inside and outside- Nusuki offers the best quality product to the users. Besides keeping our reputation like always, we regularly try to improve our service. We honestly care for you, work for you.

So, the question you can ask yourself after all this is- why shouldn't you buy souvenirs from Nusuki?


Here comes the ending! But we know, once you use the product of Nusuki, you will come back to us again and again. So, here is your first souvenir. When are you buying next?

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